September 06, 2003

Eye of the Beholder?

As I posted earlier, I have taken a new job. Still working on learning my airport codes, but with a bit more understanding (or at least interest) now. Leave it to my brother, The Coolest Human On The Planet, to send help.

Yesterday, I had to go to the airline's offices to get fingerprinted, then down the road for the drug test. The fingerprinting involved standing in line in a narrow hallway for 3 1/2 hours...and finding out that I am, now what was the exact word, oh yes -"ugly"

Now, I know I am no supermodel. But, I never thought I was Quasimodo either. Apparently, I was wrong...

Who would say such a thing?

Well, here's the set up. I am standing in line with about 15 people, mostly men, all waiting to get fingerprinted. In the middle of the line is a young, very good looking girl (we'll call her CG, 'cause she is a cute girl) the only other female. I am near the back. The large (married) man behind me (we'll call him Bob Thomas, 'cause that's his name) starts talking to CG, who it turns out is from Hawaii.

Bob says to her "Why aren't you a model? You are like a diamond in this row of mutts"

CG looks embarrassed. I say, "Thanks a lot!"

Bob says, "I'm serious, the rest of us together couldn't make one pretty girl"

CG looks genuinely pained by what he has just said, but she seems to be the only one who realizes how loutish it was. Then a guy from the front of the line says to her, "Yeah, how'd you get in this line - this is the ugly people's line"

I know I'm not a 20 year old Hawaiian girl in a mini skirt, but please!

Nice. Did I mention I am really not sure of this job? Do I really want to work with people that are this obnoxious? Even if I looked like Sasquatch (I don't) that would still have been so rude. Unbelievable.

So, I got to spend 3 1/2 hours with those morons, just to get fingerprinted. Then I got to wait for over an hour - with the same jerks - for the drug test.

Did I mention the pay at this job is horrid? But the travel benefits.......

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