June 24, 2003

Open to interpretation

I am not generally one to put much stock in dream interpretation and the like. Usually I can attribute the dreams I have to the movie I watched before bed filtered through random electrical impulses in my brain.

I had one two nights ago, however, that is still one my mind. It just seems so transparently obvious - the kind that if you saw it in a dream dictionary you would think they made it up. See if you agree.

The dream:
I am sitting on the couch and my boyfriend is pacing around. At one point he kneels in front of me, looks uncomfortable, gets up and continues pacing. Eventually he thrusts a ring box at me, which morphs into him putting the ring on my finger (*the* finger)

I have a general happy feeling about it, basically content. Then I look at the ring. It is yellow gold - definitely not me and my boyfriend knows it. "How odd for him to choose that", I think. I then realize it is very big and gaudy, lots of stones in all different colors, so far from anything I would choose. I am trying to figure out how to deal with this situation. On the one hand I know it was a big thing for him to give me this ring but it is definitely not what I want.

Then the stones on this ring, this sparkly, showy ring, start to fall off. First one, then another. I am trying to pick up the pieces without anyone seeing, trying to push them back into the prongs. I'm watching it disintegrate and trying to catch all the bits, when I look up it is no longer my boyfriend - it is my ex-husband.

I wake up thinking, "boy, I guess there is still a little bitterness there" Just a little?! Guess that first marriage "falling apart" despite attempts to "keep/put it back together" left a bad taste in my mouth.

Apparently there is a reason I don't want to get married....

Or do you think I am reading it wrong?

Posted by Vox at June 24, 2003 10:48 PM | general