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War On Some Women

Posted on | April 13, 2012 | No Comments

By now you’ve heard of Hilary Rosen’s ridiculous dig at Ann Romney as a stay-at-home mom who “never worked a day in her life”

We can skip the idiocy of claiming moms don’t work. Certainly a Democrat strategist should know better, and deserves to called out for disrespecting a woman’s choices – isn’t that what they claim to be all about?

But let’s get to the info that caused her slip; Mitt Romney said his wife is out there traveling, campaigning, meeting voters. He said that Ann tells him what she is hearing from women on the campaign trail, and what she is hearing is that they are concerned about jobs & the economy.

Romney never said his wife was suffering in this economy. He didn’t say she had ever had money concerns (though I do understand they were living in a basement apartment while starting their family, not exactly cushy) He said she was talking & listening to other women who have those concerns.*

And rather than address the very real question of whether the Democrats’ ideas help those concerned about jobs, or the fact that unemployment seems to be hitting women harder than men – Hilary Rosen chose to go right for class warfare…insulting mothers in the process. **

Not only did Rosen make a huge error, not only was it an unforced error – it was a complete error of comprehension. Really, for a “PR professional” who was brought in specifically to prevent gaffes by DNC’s Wasserman Schultz, this was a giant misstep. Not content with the initial mistake, Rosen decided to walk that rhetoric all the way over the edge of a cliff.

Almost everyone in this administration has gone out of their way to distance themselves from Rosen’s comments, and Jay Carney has been left in the embarrassing position of pretending he has no idea who she is because he knows so many women named Hilary Rosen.

And now people who knew little of Ann Romney have had occasion to learn about just what a remarkable woman she is, and those who knew Ann Romney have had occasion to come together in her defense.

Coming at the end of a contentious GOP primary season that saw a fractured Republican base and lack of enthusiasm for the presumed nominee, Rosen’s comments have been the perfect lodestar to focus the Right on the upcoming general election.

I have to imagine Rosen’s time with the DNC is coming to an abrupt end.



* Even if he had said she was the one concerned about how women are faring in this economy, why would she not be able to speak to the issue? A point I had a small amount of fun with on Twitter

** You know that this is not the first time she made that remark. They probably made the same joke several times in their offices and since everyone in her little bubble laughed, she was completely unprepared for the real world response. Note to Dems – step out of the echo chamber once in a while.


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