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How Can You Tell an Obama Voter?

Posted on | November 4, 2012 | No Comments

Because they want to treat the symptom (or preferably, want someone else to) rather than address the cause.

From USA Weekend today, in “What America Wants“, comes this request from Molly Shack

Help the next generation get started
Molly Shack thought she was doing everything right to avoid going into debt to get her college degree.

Even so, she graduated this spring in a tough job market carrying $20,000 in debt. The six-month grace period to begin repaying her student loans is expiring, and her job at a community organization ends next month.

Shack, 22, hopes the next president* will move to relieve the debt burden many college students and recent graduates face.

She and many on the Left believe that what she needs is a president who will relieve her burden by transferring the debt she incurred to others (taxpayers). The fact that her employment options are limited by this disastrous economy is barely noted.

Those of us on the Right see her story and hope for a president who will create a more employment friendly environment so Miss Shack and her fellow graduates can find employment which will allow them to pay off the debt they willingly incurred.

If, while he’s at it, he can address how teachers unions, out of control administrators with out of control salaries, and the expansion of government-backed student loan programs have contributed to the skyrocketing cost of a college education – that would be fine, too.

* Every ‘wish’ referred to “the next president”, whether Obama or Romney

UPDATE: Just Googled her; not only is she a hard-core Leftist campaigning for all things Obama, big government, and handout-y, she spent her third year of college studying abroad. You know what might have kept that debt level down, Molly? Not taking a trip to Buenos Aires.

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