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I Grieve

“I Grieve” by Peter Gabriel, really captures the feeling I had that morning, 9/11/01 For a bit of the story behind it: http://youtu.be/xevktulRhxw ✏

Flying Glasses

Just admit it – Google is cool. Cooler even than fan boys think Apple is. And . . . where do I sign up for *my* Google glasses? ✏

Hate is NOT an American Value

It does, however, seem to be getting quite popular on the left ✏

The Government Can

How did I not know about this guy before? Go check out his channel, there is a lot of content worth watching ✏


I was never a fan of any of the boy bands, that includes New Kids on the Block & Back Street Boys. I did become a fan of both Wahlberg brothers when they left music and made their mark as actors. So, though the vocals were pretty mediocre and I don’t understand why they are […]

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