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In The Closet

I need new clothes. This is not a secret, I have needed new clothes for a very long time. The bits & pieces I pick up grudgingly as the need arises are just not working, leaving me with a pseudo-uniform of baggy trousers & t-shirts. Blah. There shouldn’t be any trick to it, clothes are […]

A Failure To Communicate

I was wandering the aisles of a local dollar store, looking for parts for projects I never have time to finish 😉 Also shopping that day were a woman and her…grandchild? Seemed like a big age difference, but I am guessing. This is how their visit went: *crash* “Didn’t I tell you not to touch […]


Miss him and miss his uncommon common sense   ✏

The More You Know®

Yes, we bought another gun. This one is for D, the Taurus PT145 – basically the big boy version of the Millennium Pro I bought a few weeks back. I had noticed, and chuckled over, this warning slipped in amongst others in the user manual of my other guns. When I came across it again, […]

There Are Many Like It (If You Can Find Them)

Almost as hard to get my hands on the Taurus 738 TCP as it is to get the .380 ammunition it fires. Fortunately, I was able to find both today (thanks to D‘s tireless efforts) I had been looking at several of the smaller guns for more practical carrying in certain situations (like running with […]

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