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Remembering 9/11

A site I follow on Facebook just shared this Independent Journal Review story: 8 Advertisements That Exploited the 9/11 Tragedy   If you were online yesterday, you probably saw as many complaints about how others were remembering 9/11 as you saw actual tributes. We are nothing if not outraged by whatever we can find to […]

Accuracy vs Effect

One of my friends posted this to Facebook recently and referenced the need to get the message to a particular person. It got me in a bit of trouble. I got in trouble because the text attached to the image is not true – and I pointed that out. Not to say I think people […]

Politics & The Hollywood Bubble

I’m not trying to pick on Ashton Kutcher over an old misstep, but it perfectly illustrates my point. As a reminder, back in early November 2011, Joe Paterno was fired from his position at Penn State following public outrage at his actions (or lack thereof) in the Sandusky child molestation scandal. In reaction to that […]

War On Some Women

By now you’ve heard of Hilary Rosen’s ridiculous dig at Ann Romney as a stay-at-home mom who “never worked a day in her life” We can skip the idiocy of claiming moms don’t work. Certainly a Democrat strategist should know better, and deserves to called out for disrespecting a woman’s choices – isn’t that what […]

Lessons From Tucson

There are many things we could learn from the horrific shooting in Tucson one year ago today. For E.J. Montini, it seems all that resonated with him was “Never let a tragedy go to waste” He should learn that sometimes simple is better, as Congressman Jeff Flake showed us with this statement: On the one-year […]

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