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Shutdown Spoon Banging

Riddle me this – even if you believe, against any evidence to the contrary, that the Republicans are 100% responsible for the current shutdown (which, obviously, I don’t) But, if you did assign every tiny possible bit of blame to the Right… How can you not see the vindictive, capricious, random & punitive measures the […]

Voir Dire in Arizona

I recently had the great fortune of being called for jury duty* Since I was not selected, I can share some of the general bits here. For instance, the defendant was facing firearms possession charges. This lead to voir dire involving firearms related questions. In Arizona, with a beginning jury pool of 48 people, it […]

Chase Bank and The Very Bad, No Good, Unclear Regulation

I am currently undergoing a ridiculous ordeal with Chase Bank. A situation that is so absurd, it should embarrass the entire banking industry. Bear with me as I take you through it, I’m going to give you as many of the steps as possible so you can appreciate the ride for yourselves. (if you want […]

Arizona Minimum Wage

Just a heads up for employers: As of January 1, 2013, the minimum wage in Arizona increases 15 cents per hour. The new minimum hourly rate will be $7.80 (or $4.80 for tipped employees) New Labor Department poster (print and display to remain compliant) ✏

Maricopa County Sheriff

A wise man once said, “I’d vote for a tuna sandwich over Joe Arpaio” I am not quite at that level yet, but pretty close. The problem is, the only opposition Arpaio has faced in the last several elections didn’t rise above the level of soggy fish in comparison. This year, it appears there may […]

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