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Happy Sweet Holidays

Happy National Cocoa Day Just one of the sweet Holidays we celebrate this time of year. Grab yourself a cup of warm, creamy, marshmallow-topped goodness and toast your fellow hot chocolate lovers.   ✏


Covetousness: The desire to have something that belongs to another. “My neighbor has an awesome car. I want my neighbor’s awesome car.” Jealousy: Anger about what belongs to another. “My neighbor has an awesome car. It isn’t fair that my neighbor has such an awesome car. I will never get to have a car that […]

Accuracy vs Effect

One of my friends posted this to Facebook recently and referenced the need to get the message to a particular person. It got me in a bit of trouble. I got in trouble because the text attached to the image is not true – and I pointed that out. Not to say I think people […]

‘Tis The Season – For Giving

Americans can be the most generous, kind-hearted people on earth. This is especially evident during the Holiday season, when families, already struggling with their own needs, will sacrifice just a little more to share some joy with those less fortunate. Americans can also be the most easily bilked, because we believe, often naively, the best […]

Gratitude Adjustment

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone.   ✏

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