October 14, 2007

Some Clean Up

D set me up with a high speed connection at his house for my laptop.
The immediate benefit is being able to follow the gametrax on foxsports.com and cbssports.com while watching whatever game(s) is being televised. We get a little OCD about the stats and scores, so that hookup is..well, it's THE hookup.

The side benefit is being able to surf and blog from here. Last night, for instance, during college football, post season baseball, and our movies, I cleaned up my blogroll. Some were removed because they came right out and said they were done (downtownchickchat, Felicia Lee...), some because they haven't posted in ages or the domain is expired (Conservative Crust...). I added Exurban League, fellow music lovers and clear thinkers to boot.

Posted by Vox at October 14, 2007 07:05 PM | blogs