May 29, 2006

Down By One

Tim Thomas gets mugged - from Suns.comSuns 88, Mavs 95


Field Goals
Suns 42.7%
Mavericks 41.1%

Three Pointers
Suns 36.8%
Mavericks 26.7%

Free Throws
Suns 84.6% (11/13)
Mavericks 75.6% (13/17)

Wow, those are not playoff numbers for either team. Ouch!

I do wish D'Antoni would go a bit deeper on the bench. I know we are plagued by injuries, and I know that the starting line-up is rocking, but they just can't play that many minutes without it running them down. He seems willing to give House court time (and he is no great shakes in this post season) why not let Burke, Grant, and Tskitishvili mix it up? At the very least, it would allow our stars to catch their breath.

Posted by Vox at May 29, 2006 01:23 AM | TrackBack | Sports

If you didn't know anything else that happened in the game and you just looked at those stats, you'd think it was a pretty even contest. But then you look at offensive rebounds and turnovers, and you see where we lost it. The hussle points were also lopsided in Dallas' favor. I get tired of yelling, "get after that ball!" and reading in the paper, "I don't know why we didn't come out with any energy..."

Posted by: Special Agent Johnny Utah at May 29, 2006 12:57 PM

We definitely suck at rebounds, though Marion has been doing better than in the past, Thomas gets in there as well. In this past game, they only had 3 more than us, but they were +7 (150%) offensively, -4 defensively. Those 7 extra second chances were definitely bad news, and prevented us from getting the fast breaks.

I think these are the stats that really show a discrepancy ~
Mavericks 5
Suns 12

Fast Break Pts
Mavericks 14
Suns 4

When the Mavs are beating us on fast break points, something is not right with the world.

Posted by: Vox at May 29, 2006 01:36 PM