May 27, 2006

One & One

Nash getting some altitude - from Suns.comSuns 98, Mavs 105


Field Goals
Suns 44.9%
Mavericks 47.5%

Three Pointers
Suns 43.5%
Mavericks 36.4%

Free Throws
Suns 72.7% (8/11)
Mavericks 69.4% (25/36)

Ouch - the numbers say it all. We missed the shots. Nash was playing a lot better than his numbers show, however. He got the ball to the rest of the team when they had wide open shots - but just couldn't get them to go down.

Once again I have to say the officiating sucks, and has through the whole post season, not just in the Suns games but across the board. There were so many bad calls; some in our favor, mostly not. You know that when one team is shooting 36 free throws and the other is shooting 11 there is some inconsistency in the foul calls. It almost seems as though the officials were told to make sure the Mavs didn't lose at home again. Even so, I think we could have pulled it out if we were on, but shooting less than 45% ain't gonna do it.

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