May 23, 2006

Clipper ElimiNation

Tim Thomas & Raja Bell photo from
How sweet it is to win back-to-back Game 7's against a team from Los Angeles.

I found that caption with the image above on the Suns website. Interestingly, that picture is from earlier in the game when the Suns got hit with a VERY bad call - Cassell ran over Bell, yet they called the foul on us. He was, understandably, upset and arguing the call - and Tim Thomas came in to calm him down. Guess their caption is more upbeat ;-) (Found it with the correct info, and here is a shot of Bell after Cassell knocked him to the ground)

Steve Nash photo from Suns.comTim Thomas photo from

The gang was definitely firing on all burners, despite the fact that the Clippers played a great game and Elton Brand was once again scoring pretty much at will (61%).

The stats were:

Field Goals
Clippers 52.6%
Suns 60.0%

Three Pointers
Clippers .0% (OK, that is really bad)
Suns 55.6%

Free Throws
Clippers 96.2% (25/26)
Suns 84.2% (16/19)

Round 3 here we come!

UPDATE: Doesn't it look like Maggette is attempting a trip here?

BTW: I also was glad to see the Dallas Mavericks advance, despite the fact that I dislike them (or their owner anyway) a great deal. I just dislike the Spurs (mostly Ginobli and Parker) even more.

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I'm not a basketball fan but how 'bout those Suns?

Posted by: Lori at May 23, 2006 09:04 PM