February 02, 2006

Time To Get Serious

I am definitely doing too many fluff pieces. These are the search terms (in order of popularity) that brought people over to Vox in the last couple of weeks.

  • men crying
  • hot redheads
  • goosebumps
  • hot girls in shower
  • ridem cowboy
  • www.trashy.com
  • vox sexy
  • trojan horses put porn in my temporary files
  • whos your daddy
  • naked men archives
  • why women fall in love with men
  • bad girl
  • vox delicious
  • shes gotta have it
  • trashy bikini
  • hugh heffners halloween party 2005
  • lift and separate
  • quicky weddings
  • define bootycall
  • meaning of bootycall
  • lets do it
  • pictures of cowboys with shirts off

Maybe it's just Valentine's Day being right around the corner - has people in a randy mood.

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Any Dale Earhardt fans?

Posted by: Michael at February 2, 2006 08:48 AM

Nope, they must all be over at Chasing the Wind.

Posted by: Vox at February 2, 2006 08:53 AM

lift and separate... bahahahaha

Posted by: Lori at February 3, 2006 05:40 PM