September 28, 2005

You Say Tomato...

Found another Arizona blog worth reading, One In A Row.

I call our local paper the Arizona Repugnant, he calls it the Arizona Repulsive.

Tomay-to/tomah-to....he gives us one of the reasons the paper sucks and shares the wisdom of a child.

Posted by Vox at September 28, 2005 03:37 PM | blogs

I call that rag the Centauri Republic....

Posted by: Macker at September 28, 2005 09:45 PM

Macker, I was just going to say it is a rag!

You should see my dad get riled up after reading the rag on a daily basis.

I don't get the rag for that reason.

Posted by: Lori at September 28, 2005 10:38 PM

Every time I get a phone call from some poor schmuck trying to sell me a subscription I laugh. Then I have to explain that I can get bird cage liner (in the form of the Phoenix New Slimes) for free.

The only section worth reading is the Arizona Living, because it has comics and crosswords - not produced by the Repugnant's staff.

Posted by: Vox at September 28, 2005 10:46 PM

Down here in Tucson, we gots the Daily Red Star (morning), and the Tucson Daily Denizen (evening). I've been away for 10 years, and I got back this summer to discover the left-leaning Red Star fell, and the formerly sorta-center Denizen has gone off the liberal deep-end. WTF? What were you guys doing here while I was gone?


Posted by: Chuck at September 30, 2005 01:55 PM

Welcome back, Chuck ~

Let's see, while you were away we were welcoming all our new residents from such progressive places as California. They came here and have shown us the way - and the more they come and the more they show us, the more things suck here.

Hopefully, at some point, we will be able to stem the tide and fight back the liberal ideas.

So where were you for 10 years? I did the 10 year stretch, too. CA, TX, DE, CA, FL, then back to AZ.

Posted by: Vox at October 1, 2005 01:47 AM