September 26, 2005

Fun Sites

Via the Shiny Shiny girls:

  • Trashionista - "Trashionista gets to grips with the wonderful world of female fiction. We take an unbiased look at beach reads, bestsellers, new releases and old favourites - and we actually read the books before writing about them. The Trashionista doesn't believe that 'chick lit' is a dirty word - but if a book is trash, we'll let you know!" (this seems perfect for you and your book club, Lori) I think I might give this one a go
  • PopJunkie - "Written by a team of snobbish music obsessives each day PopJunkie serves up a mini review of a great lost pop album. Some are the long lost work of major artists, such as Frank Sinatra’s odd concept album from 1969 Watertown or Cathy Dennis’ Brit Pop album Am I that kind of Girl?. Others are by completely obscure bands whose records were so out of time they now reside untouched in the bargain basement bins." (Remember these are Brits, so there are many mentions of acts we may have missed on this side of the pond) They have about the same opinion of Elvis that I do, though there is some disagreement in the comments.
  • Shoewawa - The perfect site for Anne and Reilly - they are even embracing the purple boots.
  • The Bag Lady - In case you are worried about your bag not matching your shoes...or you need some other funky accessory. They even keep you up to date with Ugly Accessory Day

Posted by Vox at September 26, 2005 11:21 AM | blogs

What a hoot that someone over at Shoewawa is also on a purple suede boot kick, unless I have unwittingly hit on a fad. Gods, I hope not.

Posted by: Anne at September 26, 2005 06:30 PM

How could purple suede be a fad, Anne? It's just not possible - - If next season no one is wearig it you can and if anyone asks just tell them it is A) vintage B) couture C) fashion ala Anne or D) all of the above :)

Fashion is never a fad, in my opinion, unless someone is talking about freakin' gouchos. ICK lol

Vox, thanks for the mention and cool link !

Posted by: Reilly at September 27, 2005 05:12 AM