February 03, 2005

Why Not?

From her, who got it from her and her:

  1. Toilet paper - should the paper be over or under?
  2. Sock Folding - rolled in a ball, folded at the top only or laid together in pairs?
  3. Toothpaste - should squeezing be done from the bottom, middle or top?
  4. Commercials - flipper or don't want to risk missing shit-er?
  5. DVDs and CDs - alphabetical order, some other order or like a discount bin at the local Wal-mart?
  6. Towels - folded a certain way or is folded any way acceptable?
  7. Socks and Sandals - who cares or serious fashion faux paux?
  8. Plastic or wire hangers?
  9. What's your sign? Do you read your horoscope?
  10. Ketchup on your fries or on the side to dunk?
  11. Ketchup on scrambled eggs?


  1. TP - over, always over
  2. Socks - over at the top, basket full of solos
  3. Toothpaste - squeeze anywhere, but every now and then pull the tube over the edge of the counter to push it all up.
  4. Commercials - don't usually even notice that they are on
  5. DVDs/CDs - CDs by genre, then alphabetical or it makes me nuts. DVDs - don't have many, not enough to organize anyway.
  6. Towels - thirds, then in half and half again.
  7. Socks w/ sandals - no. Just NO.
  8. Plastic or wire - plastic, definitely. And the color of the hanger should match the color family of the item on it. I can handle a purple shirt on a blue hanger, but not a yellow one.
  9. My sign - Cancer, and I usually read the one in the paper just because it cracks me up. For instance, the other day I played hooky - completely out of touch, no cell phone...nothing. The next day I read my horoscope for that previous day. It said, "You know what you need...get away from it all...vanish" Have to laugh when it actually matches.
  10. Ketchup - on the side
  11. On scrambled eggs - nope. Salsa sometimes, though.
Posted by Vox at February 3, 2005 12:00 AM | blogs

1) No holder, on the counter is good for me!!
2) Thrown in the drawer to be paired when pulled
3) Bottom that way you get all 3 colors every time
4) Too lazy to flip
5) Alphabetical
6) Same as Vox, really!
7) Not a good idea.
8) Plastic are better.
9) Scorpio, never really read it.
10) None thanks.
11) Yes! woo.

Posted by: wickld at February 3, 2005 10:54 AM

1) Can you imagine...I have a definite preference but can't remember just now. 2)laid together in pairs, don't like to stretch the tops 3) from anywhere, every now and then sqeezing up from bottom, like the run it over the edge idea. 4)when i watch TV, lots to do on commercials! 5) used to be alphabetical, but now Wal-Mart 6) definately same as Vox...did we all have the same mother? 7) sorry...sometimes 8) plastic with a short hook 9) Sagitarius..nope don't read it 10) on side, but ranch is better 11) Only when big sister made me

Posted by: onelamb at February 3, 2005 02:02 PM