January 20, 2005

Spring Fever

Well, quite a day today.

Kicked that software's butt, I rule.

Then, because I had had enough stress and it was a beautiful day (80 degrees and sunny), I decided to go for a walk. But why just go for a walk - let's make it a hike! Yeah, that's a great idea.

First challenge was finding shorts that fit. It's been a while since I have worn them so went through several pairs. Even the pair I was wearing in this picture (taken last June) are too big now, hanging around my hips. They were a bit loose even then, but now.... Yippee, soo close to my goal. (I digress)

Then out for my hike, with a quick stop for lunch at Kyoto Bowl. Not my favorite but worth a try. Halfway through my orange chicken I realize I forgot my phone - something I have been doing too often lately (Freudian?) So the dilemma is, do I go back home and get it or just go for my hike? I decided to do without it, though I always feel better having it when I am hiking, just in case. Did get use out of it one time when I was hiking Camelback and came across a guy having a heart attack - of course, that mountain is so crowded there would have been someone else who could call. (I digress...again)

So I was originally thinking of hiking on the back of North Mountain (entrance is at 7th Ave above Peoria, for you locals) but decided I'd wanted more of a challenge, a bit more uphill and a bit more greenery so went to Squaw Peak instead. Gorgeous. It was such a beautiful day I just kept on walking...and walking....and walking. Long hike on a beautiful sunny day - what could be more perfect?

Well, following it up with shopping was a nice touch.

First to Staples for supplies - where they also had some Christmas stuff on clearance. I picked up a little sampler pack of flavored coffees for my step-dad, in adorable Norman Rockwell tins that Mom will love. It's two, two - two gifts in one!

Then Fry's Electronics for a CD. Yes, one CD - I swear that it all I was looking for. But they have cool stuff...and bargain computer books...and racks and racks of CDs & DVDs. So I spent a few hours there, though that is a good thing. When I first walked past the bargain books, I picked up about 20 but made myself actually look through them and pare them down. Which I did - to just three. I think that is pretty good. And just one CD - Billy Dean Greatest Hits because I have had one song in my head for weeks and needed to hear the real version. I was looking for the Sugarland CD but, unfortunately, they didn't have it.

Which lead to a shopping trip later in the evening. After my workout and a shower, I decided to see if Best Buy had the Sugarland CD. Bad idea. Oh, they had it - but they also had a bargain CD bin where I got America Remembers (more weepy WWII ballads), Swing (just a random collection of Big Band tunes) and a 2 CD set of Rimsky-Korsakov (I have been wanting Scheherazade).

They also have their electronics set up so you can test them - so I now know that the Creative Nomad is every bit as cool as I thought it would be. I want, I want, I want!

Of course, there was the fall out from forgetting my phone. SG couldn't get in touch with me so he was worried.

The office was trying to track me down, as well. Since my last message to them had been "got the formulas to work, now I am going for a walk" they were a bit put off by not being able to reach me for 5 hours. Especially bad in that they needed some reports that should have been done last week ... and the bookkeeper was there to process them ... and I was the roadblock. Bummer, bad day to play hooky. I will see what I can do to recover from that one - at least I have some currency from the last few weeks of dealing with this new program.

Posted by Vox at January 20, 2005 11:54 PM | general

Girl, by the looks of that picture, you're pretty much at your goal! And 80 degrees?! It was 12 degrees when I left for work this morning.

Posted by: yayaempress at January 21, 2005 08:19 AM

Not quite there yet - but working on it. Weight-wise I am pretty much there, but fitness-wise I have a ways to go still.

It's a lot harder to get in shape now than it was 15 or 20 years ago - lol

Posted by: Vox at January 21, 2005 10:16 AM

sounds like you are doing great :)

Posted by: Uptown Girl at January 21, 2005 11:56 AM