January 17, 2005

RSS Frustration

I have mentioned before how much I love RSS and my RSS reader. I especially love those of you who publish the full post as RSS, but for the good sites an excerpt gives me enough to decide whether to click through or not.

Then there is Television Without Pity, a fun site to help you keep up with your favorite shows via user posted recaps of the latest episodes. And they offer an RSS feed - which should be a good thing. Unfortunately, they seem to be unclear on the concept. Rather than send the full post in the feed, or allow the automatic truncation that most blog tools provide, they enter a specific excerpt on most that says - "The latest episode in a nutshell"

DUH! That's why you exist.

Now, it is still a handy notification system - I know when they've written about a specific show - but that's all. If you are going to do RSS, do it well...give me info.

Posted by Vox at January 17, 2005 01:59 PM | blogs