December 20, 2004


I got back from Sedona to find my sister's WordPress blog has gotten FUBAR - I am clueless as to what the issue is. She hasn't posted anything new (she has been in Sedona, too), there don't seem to be any new comments....

Any help would be appreciated.

UPDATE: it magically fixed itself...???

Posted by Vox at December 20, 2004 12:15 AM | blogs

whoa - sorry that happened to her blog. That sucks big time.

How was Sedona? I sent you an email.

Posted by: Lori at December 20, 2004 01:40 AM

one of two things happened:

1) her web server upgraded to a the newest php version

- or -

2) her db got deleted.

Posted by: oldie but goodie at December 20, 2004 01:52 AM

Good suggestions but...

She's on the same host as me, same version of PHP

Her DB is there, all the tables seem to be intact, all the posts and comments are there.


Posted by: Vox at December 20, 2004 08:16 AM

It looks good now. Did you find the problem, or is it something we cannot see, like admin or posting?

Posted by: bk at December 20, 2004 08:27 AM

Whoa - it's magic!

I didn't find it, and I didn't do anything....

Gald it's fixed, but would like to know what happened. Maybe I will hear back from our webhost.

Posted by: Vox at December 20, 2004 08:33 AM

Yeah, it looks fine to me.

Now would be a good time to make a backup. :)

Posted by: Michael at December 20, 2004 01:40 PM

I love blog magic :)

Posted by: Uptown Girl at December 20, 2004 06:25 PM

Yeah that crap happens all the time. Stupid servers.. :P

Posted by: rachel at December 20, 2004 10:15 PM