October 14, 2004

Blog Links

Doing a little house cleaning over there ------>

Still need to add (soon, I promise):

Had to remove Yale Diva. I love her writing, political and personal, but she seems to have abandoned the blog. At this point it is nothing more than a sounding board for moonbats and spammers. If anyone hears of Eliana coming back, let me know.

Posted by Vox at October 14, 2004 01:48 PM | blogs

Awesome!! I will add yours if I haven't already.

Posted by: yayaempress at October 14, 2004 01:57 PM

Thanks! My actual blog title is Outwit, Outblog, Outsnark, though...sorry 'bout the confusion. :)


Posted by: Stacy at October 14, 2004 02:45 PM

Sorry, Stacy - corrected above, will get it right on the side bar :-)

Posted by: Vox at October 14, 2004 02:47 PM

woot! woot! i moved up! i moved up!

i'm all important and shi---stuff now!

Posted by: broken at October 15, 2004 04:57 AM

You moved up a while ago.

And you'll notice I don't have a link there for "that other broken"

Posted by: Vox at October 15, 2004 10:28 AM

only one broken will rule this roost!

Posted by: broken at October 15, 2004 04:26 PM

Yeah I removed Yale Diva some time ago for the same reason.

Posted by: Lori at October 15, 2004 08:18 PM