June 12, 2004

Friends & Blogs

I had the great fortune to attend the memorial here in Phoenix with Gary & Rachel. It is always better to have friends around when you are hurting, even if they are brand new friends. I can think of more pleasant circumstances for us to meet, but I am grateful that we got together despite the sadness of the occasion.

After watching the service, and crying, I was interviewed by KTAR (radio) and KPHO and someone else (tv). Apparently, the secret is to wear a cool shirt. I didn't hear or see if any of them used the interviews on their early broadcasts.

I spent the evening at my mother's house with my brother and his family, my sister and one of her friends. I turned on the KPHO 10:00 newscast in time to see their short report and just as I said "that's where I was" the showed a clip of Rachel and I wiping our eyes so it came out as "that's where I was..that's me" They didn't show the interview, but they didn't really show anything else on that broadcast.
Pete was at the state Bar Association dinner which they covered because of Sandra Day O'Connor speaking at Reagan's funeral then here in Phoenix. As I watched that coverage I saw a shot of him, too. What are the odds we'd both end up on tv, on the same station, on the same day?

After the memorial, we went up to Metrocenter to waiting for Lori to be free for lunch. We had a great time at Olive Garden and probably could have stayed through dinner we were having so much fun chatting. The only downside is the amount of food I ate - I am still stuffed. But it was yummy, so it will be worth all the extra workouts. On a side note, Lori was wearin' some of her new shoes

I wonder if we can make getting together a regular thing. Definitely enjoyed those ladies - and Gary - and would love to have more get togethers filled with laughter.

BTW: I had my camera with me and didn't take a single picture - at least Rachel got a picture of Chuck.

Posted by Vox at June 12, 2004 01:46 PM | Reagan , blogs

I am SO GLAD I didn't know I was on tv.. SO glad.. I might need therapy just because I know I WAS..

Posted by: rachel at June 12, 2004 01:56 PM

It was literally 2 or 3 seconds - just enough time for me to recognize us, cause I knew it was us.

Posted by: Vox at June 12, 2004 02:03 PM