June 01, 2004

In Depth In One Blog

Thought I would pick one of the blogs from my sidebar and point out some of their recent posts. Up first: Silent Running

There is a great excerpt of an interview with Marek Edelman, legendary fighter of fascism. His time defending the Warsaw ghetto is still fresh enough in his memory to shine a light on the current conflict in the Middle East.

A review of The Day After Tomorrow, which Wind Rider describes as 'Attack of the Killer Tomatoes meets the Poseidon Adventure'

"Tom Paine" points us to Cuban exile Jesus J. Chao's thoughts on Michael Moore and Cannes

Cannes' shameful spectacle is a representative hallmark of the character of the Gallic people. We must not forget that Hitler occupied France much without resistance and there was extensive cooperation among the French people with the Nazis, to the point of delivering their own French Jewish friends and neighbors to the Germans for extermination in Hitler's concentrations camps.

Kiwi Bob watched Uprising and conveys the parallel of those bent on destroying the Jews, and those bent on destroying Westerners

Wish I had time to link some more, but work calls.....

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