January 31, 2004

Happy Discovery

Well, I am at home, sick - completely without a voice (a bit ironic for Vox to be voiceless, but I digress) I couldn't go in to work because, besides feeling like crap, I have to be able to make announcements and radio calls for my job at the airport. So, to pass the time here at home I have been blog-hopping. I opened up my SharpReader for the first time in a while to check my RSS feeds and what did I find to my great delight?

Right We Are! is back.

I haven't been over there since they posted the 'going out of business' sign several weeks ago. I have been visiting Lori's new digs over at Downtown Chick Chat, but thought Maripat had hung up her keyboard - a great loss for sure.

Well, it looks like she's been back at it for a while - and I missed some great stuff. As of Jan 26th, RWA features two conservative babes again. As soon as I can get the logo back up, you will find their site proudly linked on my sidebar.

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