July 29, 2003

News Aggregators

I have been looking for an aggregator to use for my long list of daily reads. I have heard many great things about SharpReader so I thought I would give that a try.

I am not having much luck. Is there anyone out there using this who can help me figure out why ...
1) it isn't updating the feed when the blogs are updated ~ and I waited hours after I knew an update had been done?
2) the sites I've subscribed to disappear everytime I turn off my computer? I certainly won't be subscribing everyday.

Or, perhaps you can recommend an aggregator that works in Windows but doesn't require running Outlook.


UPDATE: I sent an email off the Luke at SharpReader asking for help, and he responded very quickly with helpful suggestions and diagnostic questions. I have already worked out some of the issues I was having, and I'm confident that with his help I will conquer the rest. You've gotta be impressed with a product that offers that kind of service. Despite my initial hiccups, I can see why they have so many fans.

Now, if only more of the blogs I read offered the RSS feed

Posted by Vox at July 29, 2003 01:09 PM | blogs