July 13, 2003


S.O. Man and I just went to see the movie 28 Days Later.

First off - great movie! Stunning visuals, intriguing plot, clever scenes that make you jump. Really well done horror film.

That's the other creepy part. There were actually mothers who brought their children to see this movie. Not teen-agers, children. There were at least 5 of them under 8 yrs old, one of them around 2 yrs. What in the previews or reviews would make this seem like acceptable family fair??? What kind of parents are these?? I finally had to report the family with the 2 yr old because he kept screaming and crying. I reported him as a noise problem - though I was also really worried about his poor little mind. There are some extremely graphic and disturbing scenes. Then the whole family just got up and stood in the entryway, so they could all still see the movie but could step outside the door when the little guy got too loud.

Can you imagine the thought process? "I could take my kids to see Finding Nemo tonight, but I might find that boring. I know, to hell with my parental responsibility, I'll just take the little tykes with me to A HORROR FLICK" Idiots!

Posted by Vox at July 13, 2003 07:45 PM | movies