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re-Counting On

Posted on | November 16, 2020 | No Comments

Voter Fraud

I am hoping that Trump or the GOP (or some representative) continues the push for recounts and investigation of the 2020 election. Not because I think the result will change (I doubt it will) but for 2 specific reasons

  1. Voter fraud exists.
    To deny it is to be willfully ignorant or ridiculously disingenuous. (especially if you spent the last 4 years claiming the 2016 election was stolen or tainted by interference you now deny is possible)

    Now seems the best chance we have to pursue the various methods that may be – or may have been – employed to tip scales illicitly. Whether that knowledge affects this election result is not as important as putting in place stops to ensure fraud is stopped (or at least reduced) in future contests. If every vote is to count then every legal vote needs to be counted

  2. It will legitimize the victor.
    This will likely be Biden, so it would benefit him to embrace the process, as well. Unless he expects voter fraud to be found that shows he or his campaign to have been complicit in the fraudulent activity, he should be happy to put the question to rest.

    It would be lovely, though perhaps too much to ask, to not have 4 years of claims that the election was stolen. A few more weeks of counting and verifying seems a small price to pay

Storm of Controversy

Posted on | September 27, 2017 | No Comments

So, DirecTV is allowing people to cancel their Sunday Ticket subscriptions if they are upset about the anthem protests. Good. If people want to get their money back when the game is changed, they should be allowed that option.

I have heard people say that, because of the anthem protests, they are going to order Sunday Ticket. Great. If you like football and want to continue to watch, you should be allowed that option.

But, if you don’t care about football enough to have purchased that package to begin with and just want to “make a statement”, may I suggest something more meaningful. I mean, if you have a couple hundred dollars that you want to drop, why not drop it on a cause that will make a difference.

If you don’t care about standing for the Anthem, at least stand for something.

The NFL doesn’t need your money, but there are people who do

Texas and Florida are still dealing with the aftermath of massive hurricanes, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands have been devastated by storms as well, they are in desperate need of help. That $280 could make a big difference.

Want to feel that you are figuratively sticking it to Trump? Mexico just suffered two horrific earthquakes; the death toll is heartbreaking and the rebuilding will be long and difficult. Why not donate to relief agencies there?

The NFL already got their money from broadcast contracts for years to come. Those millionaires ain’t helped by you signing up to watch a sport you didn’t give a crap about 2 weeks ago. Why not put your focus on people who could use your help – and attention.

Duped Dad Takes on OK Law

Posted on | January 19, 2017 | 3 Comments

OK Man Ordered To Pay Child Support Despite Not Being Father

Thomas said he had no reason to question it before he did, but, because he missed the deadline, the judge ordered him to pay around $500 a month in child support, plus, nearly $15,000 in back support plus interest – all for a child that is not his.

Though he knows it won’t help him, Thomas says he plans to fight the law in hopes of keeping other men from suffering the same fate.

Source: NewsOn6

Via: MRCtv

Keep In Touch

Posted on | July 18, 2016 | No Comments

Email is STILL not working (four days and counting, great job Cox ๐Ÿ˜  )


If you want to reach me ’cause you know me, try: text, Facebook, Google+, Gmail, or phone. Pretty much in that order, LOL


The Blob

Posted on | February 20, 2016 | No Comments

Amazon has introduced a feature which allows Kindle book previews without requiring an account or the Kindle app*, so I thought I’d test it here. And why not do it with #caring?

Government has gone from being an annoying necessity to a self-replicating blob that attempts to assimilate everything it touches โ€” every role, every duty, and every responsibility, whether the Framers allocated it to the government or not.

* BTW: The Kindle app is free, so don’t know why you wouldn’t have it, but…

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