Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Dem?

Apparently, the big, bad Dem’s themselves. Well, they are afraid of the big government, bad spending policies, anyway. Candidates across the country are desperately trying to distance themselves this election season, and the head of the DNC is none to happy about it.

If you run away from who you are and you’re a Democrat, it’s foolish,” Kaine said on Fox News Sunday. “It’s foolish because you’ve got a lot to be proud of.”

Indeed. Gateway Pundit lays out exactly what Kaine thinks they should be proud of – clearly making the case as to why they are not. It’s no wonder the Democrat candidates are rushing to appear as Right as possible until November 2nd.

One Democrat who clearly isn’t proud is Jon Hulburd. Though he willingly wears the Democrat mantle, he campaigns as far to the Right as possible. As James King says, “Sounds like Hulburd’s got himself a copy of the GOP playbook” He is talking tough on both taxes & the border, clearly he knows which way the political wind blows.

In fact, though Hulburd says he is “definitely a Democrat”, he is unable to tell us why that is his chosen party affiliation. If you are promising to eat steak every day for the next two years, why do you call yourself a vegetarian?

We asked him for a few specific Democratic principles he supported. He didn’t give us any specific answers but says he welcomes the idea of independent thinkers who are willing to “chuck the label.”

Ever helpful, I decided to investigate and see just what he should be embracing as an AZ Democrat.

I’m not surprised he is lost & confused with a muddled, rambling platform that says little. So ridiculous is it, it even includes the plank

“A healthy Arizona benefits us all and strengthens our economy. For this reason, affordable and available health care for all is paramount to Arizona’s security.”

Those AZ Dems are clearly reaching across the aisle (she types while rolling her eyes), but only in a crass attempt to find justification for their failed social programs. I can just see the thought process, “The American people want to feel safe in their own country…I’m sure we can use that as an excuse for ramming ObamaCare down their throats

The sad truth is that Democrats and their ideas are dragging this country down; prolonging and exaggerating what should have been a necessary correction followed by a short recession. Hulburd knows those policies won’t get him elected by an informed populace – so he is trying to co-opt a position on the Right.

There is a comment on that New Times article that sums it up “this is clearly a ‘no-brainer’ on both sides – quayle will win – why would a democrat vote for a democrat with republican views? why would a republican vote for a democrat with republican views?” [sic]

Truth. Why would we vote for a fake “election season” conservative, a man who will be beholden to Pelosi and Reid like all of his Dem colleagues, when we have a clear choice with a real Conservative? Quayle is a candidate who knows to which party he belongs and why.

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  2. ScottO says:

    Hmm, in principle I agree, but how to explain McCain’s primary victory? Why would any Republican vote for someone who supports Democrat policies? And yet they did.

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  14. WRC says:

    Q. Why is Obama claiming that we’re not in a Depression? A. He isn’t depressed.

  15. Narcissism says:

    Just love commenting for the sake of it. It makes whoever posted the article feel like someone cares… and we do!

    • Vox says:

      Ryan – I didn’t think you visited my blog anymore. Too political and all.

      And I don’t care about comments that don’t advance the conversation. So, if you think there are blogs out there that just want random “atta boys” go to it.

      Here, I prefer that a commenter has actually read the post. Even better if they are actually engaging in a dialogue.

      But, I guess it is the thought that counts, so – thanks!

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