Who *Is* Proud of Obamacare?

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No one who voted for it, that’s for sure

@KatyinIndy tweeted this today:

How Many Democrats Are running Ads Saying they Voted for Obamacare?

Good point. The linked article is from March, and it is even more true today. Is there any candidate vying for a seat this November who is willingly claiming to have supported that monstrosity? I imagine any of those who voted for it are trying their best to avoid the subject.

Here in Arizona we have several of Pelosi’s pets to replace this year.

The Tea Parties sprung up in response to ObamaCare (among other things), and in CD-8, after her YES vote, Gabby Giffords will have trouble keeping her job against Tea Party candidate Jesse Kelly

In CD-7, Raul Grijalva‘s YES vote should ensure he is replaced by Ruth McClung

In CD-1, Ann Kirkpatrick‘s YES vote means more votes for Paul Gosar.

In CD-5, Harry Mitchell‘s YES vote will have him conceding to David Schweikert on election night.

In my district, CD-3, Shaddegg was a solid NO vote. Since he has chosen to retire, we have to look at the stated positions of the candidates.

Jon Hulburd said “I have some real concerns about the health care bill that was passed. I am pleased that the bill included provisions like creating competition to drive down costs and outlawing insurance denials based on pre-existing conditions. Congress should be looking for ways to improve the legislation, but after Congress spent a year and a half paralyzed over original passage of this bill, I don’t want to waste another year and a half listening to partisan bickering over repeal. Congress needs to start getting some real work done for everyday Americans.” [[ Jon, I would be happy if Congress spent the next few years doing nothing but repealing stupid, expensive, ill-conceived laws. ]]

Ben Quayle said: “I would have voted against Obamacare. The federal healthcare package is an enormous burden on small business that is already stifling economic growth and job creation. It adds billions to our liabilities. It does nothing to control soaring healthcare costs. We constantly find out about more destructive federal mandates and regulations buried in this law.

We need to repeal Obamacare and vote for real reform including expanding health savings accounts, tort reform, allowing citizens to buy out of state insurance and increasing competition between insurers.

BTW: Just a reminder of how YOUR representative voted

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