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2012 Ballot Propositions – update

As the vote counts currently stand, will update if anything changes significantly Ballot Number Title Outcome My Vote   114 Crime Victim Protection From Liability For Damages Passed80% ~ 20% YesHere’s why 115 The Judicial Department Failed73%-27% YesHere’s why 116 Property Tax Exemptions Failed56%-44% YesHere’s why 117 Property Tax Assessed Valuation Passed57%-43% NoHere’s why 118 […]

We Are All In This Together

No matter who wins the election today, he will be OUR president. All of us. We are all Americans and I firmly believe we all love our country. Please remember your friends and family are more than their political views. And, please go vote. โœ

Say Something Nice About Obama

Over the weekend, witty Twitter users had fun with a hashtag game, #SaySomethingNiceAboutObama. Since I’m not funny, I amused myself retweeting others. ๐Ÿ™‚ I can say something nice, though – Obama’s presidency has brought many of my Conservative friends out of the political closet. Though I knew how many of them felt, I also knew […]

How Can You Tell an Obama Voter?

Because they want to treat the symptom (or preferably, want someone else to) rather than address the cause. From USA Weekend today, in “What America Wants“, comes this request from Molly Shack Help the next generation get started Molly Shack thought she was doing everything right to avoid going into debt to get her college […]

Maricopa County Sheriff

A wise man once said, “I’d vote for a tuna sandwich over Joe Arpaio” I am not quite at that level yet, but pretty close. The problem is, the only opposition Arpaio has faced in the last several elections didn’t rise above the level of soggy fish in comparison. This year, it appears there may […]

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