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Connecting The Dots (NOT)

Posted on | August 1, 2010 | No Comments

This just came across on Twitter, and it’s ridiculous

#AmericanIdol DUMPS Ellen4 pushing#Gay agenda-#America will not swallow the agenda-sorry!(NOT)#azright #prolife http://bit.ly/cOkO4z

First, though Ellen is no longer on Idol, there is no indication she was “dumped” – and not an iota of suggestion it had anything to do with her sexual orientation. If Idol producers had any issue with her homosexuality they never would have hired her in the first place (I mean, it wasn’t actually much of a secret).

I find Ellen a bit annoying in her delivery – really, how hard is it to finish a freaking sentence? – but I never saw any attempts to push an agenda, gay or otherwise. Certainly if any audience would embrace an openly gay host, it is the American Idol audience. The popularity of Ellen’s talk show also belies any claim that television audiences were turned of by her choice of life partner.

And then, to further muddy the water, the tweet includes the AZright & pro-life hashtags…somehow suggesting the authors original misguided point has a connection to local conservatives and those who support the right to life.

As an Arizona Conservative (#AZright) and a firm believer in a child’s Right to Life (#Prolife), I find being lumped in with that person’s homophobia irksome. There are people “on my side” politically that make me cringe when they spout off, the tweet quoted above appears to be from one of them.


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