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War On Some Women

By now you’ve heard of Hilary Rosen’s ridiculous dig at Ann Romney as a stay-at-home mom who “never worked a day in her life” We can skip the idiocy of claiming moms don’t work. Certainly a Democrat strategist should know better, and deserves to called out for disrespecting a woman’s choices – isn’t that what […]

The Benefits of Gratitude

I was reading “15 Happy Ways to Teach Kids to be Grateful” (because it relates to this earlier post of mine) and came across this list of why to teach kids to be grateful. Good stuff. 6 Reasons Why to Teach Kids to Be Grateful 1. Better Attitudes: Children who practice grateful thinking have more […]

Things That Make Me Happy

Normally seeing that business was unable to sustain makes me a bit sad. In this instance, the business that previously occupied this building was Planned Parenthood. Every time I drive past and see that “AVAILABLE” sign, I feel a bit of pleasant satisfaction. They will definitely not be missed in the neighborhood. ✏

It’s A Visual Medium

Channeling my inner mean girl for a minute (sorry): I’ve been watching Suburgatory because I knew so much of the cast to be funny in other projects, and have found the lead actress to be adorable. Most of the cast, in fact, is practically perfectly picked. However… The snotty character of Dalia is not. She […]

To Two, Too

One of my favorite material gifts is also one of my favorites on a more ethereal level. Years ago, when I was first “setting up house”, my late sister gave me a packet of hand-written recipes. There aren’t a lot of things that I cook, but many of my favorites came from that handful of […]

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