October 13, 2005

Hooray again!

My brother, The Coolest Human On The Planet, completely rocks!

Thanks, BK!

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More Problems

OK, I thought this issue was solved, but it just seems to have morphed.

When MT creates my index page, which is each time I post, it creates the file with permissions of 666. It has always done this and it has never been a problem. Now, however, my page isn't viewable and I get this in my error log:
[2005-10-13 12:34:29]: error: file is writable by others: (/public_html/vox/index.php)
If I change the file permissions on index.php to 644 or 755 it comes up just fine. (But it won't stay that way because it recreates every time I post)

This was not a problem on the other server, and it isn't an issue with my other sites that have blogs. My hosting service doesn't seem to be having any luck figuring this out, and I am sure it should be something simple for them, so I am putting it here. I figured you guys might take a run at it.

Any suggestions?

UPDATE: It also seems to rebuild (therefore setting the file permissions back to 666, when I get a comment) Fun times. HELP!?!?!

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October 12, 2005


I set up some new services with my web host yesterday, and they included a couple more 'cause that's the kind of thing they do. That involved moving me to a different server - which was all well and good except they made a typo or something and the DNS didn't replicate correctly. So Vox has been down - hard - for about 22 hours. OUCH! Even worse was thinking of all the email that may have gotten lost....... (yes, I know it is all spam anyway, but one of my friends might have tried to reach me yesterday) Then there was the worry that everything I had here would be lost forever - not that I am paranoid or anything.

Anyway, I called them up this morning and they found and fixed the problem right away. They have always been great to work with, and are very reasonably priced, so, despite this little glitch, I whole heartedly recommend them.

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February 28, 2005

Little Buggers

SG's computer is infected, or should I say infested, with spyware and trojans of all sorts. I have been fighting with it for months now.

I have tried:

None of them has been able to clear up all the problems - the hangers on are Altnet, HuntBar & Websearch Toolbar. They all find them and say they have been successfully removed, but they must be hiding in there somewhere because they always come back immediately. I have removed all the registry key entries I can find, I have Spyware Monitor running (which should keep changes from happening in the registry without approval) I have Start-up Manager running which should stop things from being added to the start-up process.

Any help or advice you can give would be GREATLY appreciated. I am about ready to wipe the whole thing clean and start from scratch but I know SG and SG Jr would prefer not to lose any programs/games/data if possible - though they may be frustrated enough at this point to throw in the towel, too.

Help Help Help

UPDATE: From all the suggestions in my comments, it looks like I have many options to try this evening. Keep 'em coming and I will let you know what works....

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July 11, 2004


OK, OK, I get it...

I will install WordPress as soon as I have a minute or 10

Why does this blog keep going down?!?

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July 07, 2004


where did it go....?

OK, the blog just disappeared last night - poof! Finally got it back up.

Guess I need to buckle down and install WordPress, at least then I don't have to rebuild the whole thing.....

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