July 19, 2009

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off To Fry's I Go

Mom's old laptop decided to give up the ghost this month, as well. I think it was older than my old desktop, and that's 7 or 8 years. That is a good long life for a computer, especially one that gets hauled on various vacations every year. So, back to Fry's to buy a third computer in 2 months. They need to set up a frequent buyer program for me LOL (at least I didn't have to pay for this one)

I originally had my eye on another Toshiba, which is the brand she previously owned. They had a great deal on a really nice machine. Once we got there though, D (who is a deal locating fool) spotted an Acer for $399. Almost all the same specs, but minus the webcam. You know, Mom really doesn't need a webcam :-P I called my brother-in-law for confirmation, since he is our hardware guru & I am unfamiliar with Acer as a brand. He gave that laptop a thumbs up so that is the one I got.

(D has a friend who has been looking for a laptop, as well, so he called to tell him about the deal. Since the friend was out of town, we put one on hold, with a wireless mouse)

I knew setting up the computer, especially with Vista, would take time - so I decided to just take care of that before I deliver it to her. The more I played with it, the more I liked it. Very happy with the choice, and I think she will be, too...especially at the reduced price. The touchpad is very sensitive, though, so I am glad we set a mouse aside for D's friend. Mom uses a corded mouse so she will be fine.

After just a few hours, I am ready to give the Acer a thumbs up, as well.

The problem came when D's friend sent his mother to pick up the computer that we put on hold - it wasn't there. They said that they hold for 48 hours, and she drove all the way from Surprise to get it, so I was upset. I hate to think of her dealing with trying to sort it out. After about 30 minutes of her getting the run around, D talked to one of the salesmen on the phone and got it straightened out. They gave her one they had in the back *eye roll* Should not have been that difficult.

Cut to us reading the paper later where I see Fry's has a sweet Toshiba on sale for $379. I would've just told her to grab that one instead and saved her the headache. *forehead slap*

UPDATE: Wow, what a rambling, disorganized post. Stream of consciousness... -)

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