May 20, 2009

I Heart Red Eye

Someone searched my blog for "Red Eye" and "Levy" the other day - perhaps looking for more info on my late night crush, Andy Levy.

I don't think I've blogged about it much because, really, what is there to say? You've seen him.

So, in the interest of full disclosure, and to satisfy whoever was lookin', here is everything I remember putting online about it prior to tonight.

In order, my tweets (and a couple of replies):

VOXAZ: Ah, #RedEye, you had me till Creed. Guess I'll miss @AndyLevy's wrap up

VOXAZ: I need #RedEye to be on earlier - I never get any sleep anymore

VOXAZ: I can't help it, I ♥ @AndyLevy #RedEye

ANDYLEVY: @VoxAZ You should see a doctor, stat. [OMG, he replied to me]

VOXAZ: I had a very "Fox"y day yesterday - a shout out from @HarrisFaulkner & a reply from @AndyLevy. (yes, I am a dork for pointing that out)

HISTERIN: @VoxAZ I'd kill for a reply from Andy Levy. :D [see, I'm not the only one]

So what is it? His deadpan delivery...his cute little eyebrows...his dogged pursuit of accuracy...? Whatever, he is my current ridiculous crush - until he isn't anymore.

So, Mr Andy Levy, you're on the list* - as soon as I figure out who I want to kick off, until I need your space for someone else. I'm very fickle with my celebrity infatuation ;-)

There ya' go.

* He could take the "smart guy" spot from Ketterle, or the "funny/charming guy" spot from Fraser (he's kind of let himself go), or the "great voice/entertainer guy" spot from Nichols (he went to rehab, addiction is not attractive) Wow, looks like I am going to have to redo the whole thing....

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