April 30, 2008

Fallen Idol

Well, I have only watched American Idol the last couple of seasons - and have been consistently disappointed. I was happy to see Jordin win last year, because she is such a sweet kid (and there are some connections to her in my circle).

This year, Brooke was not the best singer, but she was my favorite. I also loved the idea that another super-sweet Arizona girl might take it all. Tonight she got the boot.

Since they had already kicked off the best singers, of the remaining contestants, I thought she had a chance. I saw a story online today that said Carly Simon loved Brooke's voice, so I can see them working together to make an album that would be right in Brooke's wheel house.

Of those left, I think Syesha has the most polished voice. She is also gorgeous - definite star quality. She will absolutely have a career, probably on Broadway. She is also the only female now.

Jason Castro gets through, I think, on his looks and his 'vibe'. I think a segment of the audience latched onto his Jack Johnson-ness early on . . . and never realized the voice wasn't keeping up.

David Archuleta was the favorite from the start, so I am not surprised he is still going. He seems to be performing less and less convincingly as the weeks go by, as if the longer he is there, the more insecure he gets. I see his career as being short and ending in a tragic E! True Hollywood Story

David Cook? Just. Don't. Get. It. He is unattractive. He is pudgy. Balding. His voice is mediocre. He has been smart enough to steal cool arrangements of the songs he performs - but Simon acts as if David C. came up with them on his own. If he has a career, it will be in a cover band doing rehashed versions of rehashed versions of hit songs. Would any of you actually buy his album?

No real talent left, and no Arizona girl in the running - unless they have a great mentor in the next weeks, there is just no reason to watch anymore.

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