November 27, 2007

Poor PR

I just received this email notice:

We have five brand new blends of coffee under the Mighty Cup label.

They are all roasted locally by a genius roaster!! (No not me - LOL)

Stop in to see and taste (and buy!) them. We are offering a free medium drink from our menu - with the purchase of a bag-o-beans.

I am very excited about these - bring all your friends!

Happy holidays to you all!

That's it, in full. If you didn't know that "Mighty Cup" was not only a brand name, but also the name of the coffee shop, you would be completely lost. Instead you are only partially lost because they not only neglected to mention WHO they are but also WHERE they are. They want you to come down and buy...but you are on your own to figure out that pesky detail.

This isn't the first email I have gotten from them that neglected that important information, and I have pointed out the problem to them on at least 3 occasions.

It also went into my bulk mail folder because the subject line was "New Beans - Promotion!!" <~ most filters don't care for multiple exclamation points.

I actually like the place, I want them to do well, but how, in this day and age, can someone do that poor of a job with their marketing, online or off?

Posted by Vox at November 27, 2007 11:29 AM | peeves