November 03, 2007

MoZella - You Wanted It

I went to a concert Thursday night, just to see the opening act - MoZella. I featured her a while back when I first got her CD.

So great to see her live, and so great that she allowed me to video the performance. Here is the first song I got processed. I hope to have a review of the whole show up ... eventually

I love the edge in her voice, and her lyrics - and she was so very sweet. I hope she manages to stay that way.

I'll get the rest of the video up soon.

UPDATE: Added another song - Amnesia

While looking for the links to my previous post about her, I realized I haven't updated the RadioBlog since 7/28 - wow, I am slacking

Posted by Vox at November 3, 2007 11:36 PM | music