September 03, 2007

Babaloo *

Proving once again that I am unbelievably spoiled (and, for my siblings that may be reading this, clearly Mom's favorite ), I just got a gift from my mother and step-father - two tickets to the Phoenix Symphony Pops concert featuring Bernadette Peters at the end of October.

The first show I ever saw on Broadway was Song & Dance, featuring Bernadette Peters - I was completely dazzled and absolutely certain she would win the Tony that year. I was right. Most of you will only know her from the crappy films she has made, though she has made some good ones, as well. Her real talent shines on the stage and I am so excited to see her perform live again.

I have mentioned her here before, and featured her on the Radio.Blog not long after.

* reference to the first flick I remember seeing her in, Silent Movie. She played Vilma, a cabaret performer whose big number featured her "singing" "bah-buh-LOO!" (though I have no clue how to spell it)

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