July 07, 2007

CD Exchange - Heather

Next to arrive in my mailbox was The Easy Flow From the 80's all the way from Heather in Ohio. The 80's seems to be a popular theme for CD exchanges, I got two last time around and one this time - of course, since I love 80's music, that is just fine with me.

  1. She's A Beauty: The Tubes ~ I was a little thrown by this track, simply because I was expecting the Easy Flow and this one rocks. I do love this song though, don't we all remember this video ;-)
  2. I Keep Forgettin': Michael McDonald ~ Such a distinct voice. He is coming in concert soon and I know D would like to go, but tickets are so outrageous now ($75.00). How do they justify those prices...
  3. Mandolin Rain: Bruce Hornsby & The Range ~ Now I'm having serious flashbacks.
  4. Life In A Northern Town: Dream Academy ~ I never really liked this one...just, eh.
  5. I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight: Cutting Crew ~ I am sure I danced to this a time or two. :-)
  6. Love Will Conquer All: Lionel Richie ~ His daughter has pretty much spoiled all his music for me. I just can't think of him without seeing that .... well, let's keep it PG.
  7. Hold Me Now: Thompson Twins ~ I think most of us who grew up here attended the same concert: The Police, Madness, and The Thompson Twins at Diablo Stadium. Were you there?
  8. Red Skies: The Fixx ~ Classic - so representative of the time.
  9. Maneater: Daryl Hall & John Oates ~ I have very fond memories of A Hall & Oates after party - completely tame and non-groupied. Several of the musicians were sitting around a reel to reel listening to rough cuts of a Beatles recording session, trying to figure out why certain cuts were rejected. Very, very cool. And there was vodka...ooooh, edgy ;-)
  10. Here Comes The Rain Again: Eurythmics ~ Love her voice, love her even better as a solo (sorry Dave Stewart)
  11. Send Her My Love: Journey ~ Another great voice, whatever happened to Steve Perry?
  12. Silent Running: Mike & The Mechanics ~ He was much better with Genesis, but this is definitely in the same 'concept' vein.
  13. Englishman In New York: Sting ~ It's Sting :-D
  14. Eye In The Sky: Alan Parsons Project ~ I have a soft spot for APP, not sure why exactly.
  15. Africa: Toto ~ I like Toto, but I am so over this song.
  16. Everybody Wants To Rule The World: Tears For Fears ~ Everyone wants to be Tears For Fears. I loved this group, bring on the synth/pop, Baby!
  17. Kingston Town: UB40 ~ Great song to wrap up this collection. A little reggae, a lot laid back.

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Posted by Vox at July 7, 2007 02:20 PM | music

I loved this, Heather. We have not listed to all of the CDs from the group yet but yours was so enjoyable we listed to it twice.

We recently bought an 80s compilation as follows. It is a GREAT buy for anyone interested in collecting those songs by one-hit-wonders:

* http://www.amazon.com/Like-Omigod-80s-Culture-Totally/dp/B000068ZVP/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1/002-2397434-7918431?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1183903276&sr=1-1

Lastly, I was never a big Steve Perry fan but, since Vox asked, I looked up what he has been doing recently - Producing albums:

* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Perry_(musician)

Thank You, Heather!!

Posted by: Woods at July 8, 2007 07:04 AM