June 26, 2007

CD Exchange - Debi

The next CD I received for the exchange was from Debi ~ A Little Something Somethin' I still need to write up my review, but I wanted to get the songs up here.

  1. Something Beautiful: Robbie Williams ~ Not a huge Williams fan, but this one is nice and peppy.
  2. Something Happens to Me: Blossom Dearie ~ Love Blossom, such a sweet and mischievous voice.
  3. Something More Besides You: Cowboy Junkies ~ I've gone back and forth with this group. Her voice is so haunting that I am compelled to listen, but a lot of their songs run together for me. This is one of those.
  4. Something In The Way She Moves: James Taylor ~ It's James Taylor, almost a guarantee I'm going to love it.
  5. Something of a Dreamer: Mary Chapin Carpenter ~ She is hit or miss for me, not much in the middle for me. This one is a hit - I know how she feels ;-)
  6. Love Is Something: MoZella ~ Another peppy one. I already featured MoZella on my Radio.Blog (guess where I heard about her) Believe me, whatever picture you have in your mind for how this singer looks, you are wrong.
  7. I Must Be Doing Something Right: Randy Graff ~ Goofy song. Goofy treatment. I think this was from Blame It On Rio, so it calls up images of Michelle Johnson topless.
  8. Something To Believe In: Shawn Colvin ~ I am a huge Shawn Colvin but this one isn't familiar to me. I think I own it (I have most of her stuff) but it really doesn't ring a bell. Still, I like it.
  9. Something's Got a Hold On Me: Etta James ~ You just know she means it when she sings. This is a song that is very much 'of it's time', but it is still fun here.
  10. Ain't It Somethin': Lyle Lovett ~ I am a big Lyle Lovett fan, as well, though I really questioned his judgment there for a few years after he married Julia Roberts. This is one of his fun ones.
  11. Tell Me Something I Don't Know: Mindy McCready ~ Such a wonderfully sweet country voice, such a waste. This is a perfect song for her style. Can't you just feel the heartache?
  12. Somethin' Stupid: Robbie Williams, Nicole Kidman ~ More Robbie Williams, this time with Nicole Kidman. This must be a very popular song. I have gotten it in both of the CD exchanges I participated in. I can certainly relate to the sentiment, though.
  13. Something So Right: Annie Lennox ~ One of many great songs on Medusa. What a voice.
  14. Something's Gotta Give: Johnny Mercer ~ Johnny Mercer sings Johnny Mercer. Classic.
  15. Something Up My Sleeve: Suzy Boguss ~ One of my all time favorite songs by one of my favorite artists. Another that just drips with heartache - ain't country music grand ;-)
  16. Something Cool: June Christy ~ Sassy. This song is most definitely "something cool".
  17. You Do Something To Me: Paul Weller ~ This has a really nice groove to it. I would like to hear more of his stuff.
  18. I'll Think of Something: Mark Chesnutt ~ Eh. So-so on this one.
  19. There's Something About an Empty Chair: Shannon Bolin ~ A little iffy on this one, though I am a huge fan of Damn Yankees, which this is from.

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UPDATE: Lori's review

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