June 03, 2007

CD Exchange - oops

OK, I am falling behind here. I received the Woods' contribution, Oceans, last week and haven't had time to listen to it, yet. I ripped it to my MP3 player - and that's as far as I've gotten so far.

I started working on another project with my music that led me to two realizations; I should have had my collection much more organized long ago, I have seriously eclectic taste in tunes.

I got my contribution to the exchange finished up and shipped out on Thursday, hopefully most of you have received it already. I heard from Debi that hers will be out this week, and her friend Heather is sending hers out on Tuesday. Thomas previously said his would be a bit down the road due to previous commitments, and Lori is still refining hers.

I promise I will blog about them ASAP - and, of course, post them to the Radio.Blog. I'm kinda tired of the Plain White T's......

Posted by Vox at June 3, 2007 03:29 PM | music