September 02, 2006

Customer Service

I recently had a couple of experiences worth noting:

I purchased a used CD from an Amazon seller. Great price on a discontinued product I've been wanting. The seller sent an email to notify me when the CD was shipped (8/28/06) and it arrived promptly (9/2/06). Just what I would hope for, but not always what I get. I am able to give Avept a definite thumbs up.

I decide against PodFitness, it just isn't what I was hoping for. However, between the 1 month free trial and the easy cancelation, I give them a thumbs up, as well. I paid for a month, but found I wasn't really making use of it. I went online, clicked the "Cancel My Membership" link and I was done. No muss, no fuss - no hoops to jump through. Again, just what I would hope for, but not what I am used to.

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