April 08, 2006


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I had noticed the ads for the Kitty Carlise Hart show over the last month or so and commented on it several times to my mother and her husband. Since the event was presented by the Phoenix Symphony, and he is a member (for over 30 years!), I thought he might be able to answer a perplexing question. Who chose the odd paring of Ms. Hart's cabaret act being preceded by the Phoenix Bach Choir? Talk about a clash of genres.

Anyway, because I mentioned it so often (ah, the power of repetition), when the Symphony offered tickets to their members my step-dad knew to grab a couple for me. Score!

With very little advance planning, I had to hit Michelle with a last minute invite (after I reminded her who I was ). I was very surprised and pleased that she accepted.

UPDATE: review in the extended entry

OK - gotta go win (or lose) some money at poker. More on the concert later....

First the Phoenix Bach Choir - they are very good at what they do. Unfortunately, what they do is out of sync with what she does, so it was a bad fit. Their set consisted of Shakespeare Songs and Aaron Copland. In a nod to Ms Hart's resume they did two showtunes: Getting To Know You from The King and I (one of my least favorite Broadway tunes) and Not While I'm Around from Sweeney Todd (one of my favorite Broadway tunes) But showtunes done by a choir are a whole different animal.

Since we had arrived a bit late, Michelle and I had taken seats at the end of a row so as not to disturb the other patrons. At intermission we moved to our assigned seats (my step-dad did good, great seats!)

And then the entrance of our 95 year old star, such a presence! Definitely a lady, you can tell she is someone who is someone.

Her performance consists mostly of remembrances from her stage career, and wonderful anecdotes of some of the biggest names in American theater; Gershwin, Loewe, Kern, Porter, Berlin... This is a person who has lived. Interspersed thoughout are songs from her friends and from her shows.

Beautiful lady, beautiful songs, beautiful stories. Her voice has changed through the years, and is richer in many ways. Her body is slight (even more so than in her youth) yet her strength is undeniable.

If you have the chance to see her in your city, do.

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