February 03, 2006

Say What?

Heard two of the most absurd things ever yesterday:

First, when presenting a cashiers check to a government agency, being told that "the funds will not be credited until the check clears" which could be up to two weeks. For a cashiers check!?!? Isn't the beauty of a cashiers check the fact that it is guaranteed to be good. It was drawn on Chase Bank for heaven's sake - not exactly a fly by night outfit. If I wanted to wait for it to clear, I would just have given them a personal check - for which the bank would not have charged me $10.

Second, when then attempting to get cash from said major bank, being told that they "don't have cash here". At a bank? At the main branch in the headquarters building?

Incidentally, crying may not work with cops, but it does wonders with bank managers - they found the cash somewhere.

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