August 25, 2005

Happy - 25

Hmmmm....Playing hooky from work (I had permission) allowed me to enjoy:

Little girls in little tutus dancing their hearts out - and none of them bumping and grinding. Just cute, sweet dancing. But I forgot my camera.....

Sitting with a friend chatting over coffee - OK, I had a smoothie, but it was at a Coffee Plantation. That was nice.....

Floating around the pool, very nice. Though the water is getting to be a bit chillier than I like. Don't know how much more use I will get out of the pool this year.

Dinner with SG. Actually, dinner cooked by SG. He is a great cook and often treats me to yummy meals. The spaghetti sauce he made this past week is the best I've ever had (I usually don't enjoy red sauce but his is soooo good) and the chicken he made last night was unbelievable. Such a treat - I am so spoiled. Then just cuddling up and watching stupid TV shows.

A really nice day. That made me happy.

Posted by Vox at August 25, 2005 11:03 PM | Happy , SG