August 19, 2005

Happy - 19

Spending time with, A, an old friend from California (10 plus years) and one of his old friends (8 plus years) who happens to live in Scottsdale made me happy today.

He was in town for just a day and I met them at her place for lunch. And chatting. And sunshine. They were swimming and I was just enjoying the weather. (Did I mention how much I love Phoenix in the summer?)

Chatting with him about old times did make me realize how different my life is now..and my priorities. It made me miss that girl I was when I was younger just a little bit, and I envy how comfortable they both seem to be in their own skin. I think it is definitely a goal to strive for, knowing who you are/what you want. Every time I think I've got that nailed, I realize I missed the nail head and hit my thumb.

I was happy to see him. I don't get to very often.
I was happy to meet her. She's so close by, perhaps we'll get together again....

UPDATE: I forgot to mention - he brought me a gift. Maria Callas - La Divina, which got immediately ripped to my Nomad.

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