August 18, 2005

Happy - 18

Some of you may remember the bird my mother found a few months back - the bird I promptly adopted. We tried to find her owner, I even put an ad in the paper, but had no luck so she is still with me. I have a borrowed cage that she has been living in (well, I let her out when I am home so she can stretch her wings) that is not as large as I would like. I hate to have her cramped in her living quarters. Unfortunately, pricing cages has left me quite depressed ouch!!

In the neighborhood where my office is, it happens to be the week where people can put out their large trash for pick up. And someone decided to throw away a large bird cage - complete with ladders, a cool perch and a nesting box - so I grabbed it. I know I have to do a very thorough cleaning/disinfecting before I put her in it, but she will love the extra space.

Being lucky, and being able to give her a good home, makes me quite happy!

Posted by Vox at August 18, 2005 12:02 PM | Happy