August 14, 2005

General Irritations

My vacuum sucks, and not the way it is supposed to. I have yet to find one that can keep up with my Australian Shepherd and her shedding - let alone the extra effluvia the bird brings to the mix. Of course, as much blood as I have in the carpet, and how poorly all my stain removers seem to work, I may just rip it up and go with bare floors for a while.

I rarely use Netscape Navigator but, since I am unable to access my bank through IE, I need to occaisionally fire it up. I recently 'updated' to NN 8. Bad idea. Not only can I not get it configured the way I want because they have removed some of those options, I can't get it to keep the settings I would like. For instance, since it is for banking, I don't want it to remember and fill in datacards and passwords (a feature they offer) so I go in and turn that off. But it comes back. And I turn it off. And it comes back. Seriously, I go in, uncheck the box, click OK. Next time I open it up I find it filling in that info so I go in, uncheck the box which has magically rechecked itself, and click OK. Over and Over. ARGH! What gives?

Just to make the situation more unpleasant, downloading NN 8 seems to have messed with the setting of my IE. That is the only thing I have changed on my computer, and now all the sites that I had set up to automatically log me in - like my blog - don't. None of them, even when I click the "remember me on this site" box. They don't even recall my login. So what we have is IE behaving the way I want NN to, and NN behaving the way I want IE to. What gives and can anyone help me fix it?

In the mean time I recommend NOT moving to NN 8. Oh, and my bank sucks for not being accessible through the most widely used browser - hello!

I have lost a bunch of hangers somewhere. Oh, sure, go ahead and laugh, but it is very frustrating to finally catch up on my laundry and not be able to hang up all my nice clean shirts. I haven't bought any new clothes lately, so where did all my hangers go?

Just generally

Yeah, I'll come up with a happy post here in a bit......

Posted by Vox at August 14, 2005 05:41 PM | peeves

How come you're not using Firefox?

Posted by: Macker at August 15, 2005 05:36 AM

I must agree, you would be better off with Firefox, or the Mozilla suite than with the new Netscape.

By default, Netscape 8 uses IE to render pages it considers 'safe', so, if you want to use it, you may need to tell it to render your bank's pages as Netscape (right-click on the page). It will remember the setting for future visits. Also, many security settings in N8 are site specific.

It may seem complicated, but N8 allows you to use both IE and Gecko in the same browser, on a per-site basis.

Also, you should not be upset with your bank because it does not work with IE. They probably have a standards compliant page. If so, the fault lies with MS for failing to support W3 standards.

Posted by: bk at August 15, 2005 08:23 AM