May 25, 2005

Careful What You Wish For

I have been thinking of getting a bird. I had parakeets when I lived in Florida and I loved them - but I do remember the downside as well. I was even in PetCo the other day, calculating the total cost to get set up - parakeets are pretty cheap. But I reminded myself that they are loud. And messy. And they need a lot of attention or they are not friendly.

I didn't blog my recent avian desires because I have friends and family who read this and I could picture some well intentioned soul showing up with a bird. I've just kept telling myself no, no, no.

Over the weekend my mother found a bird on the table on her front porch. Not a wild sky rat type bird, but a beautiful tame pet type bird. I am amazed that she made it in this area since it is literally crawling in cats. There may be more cats than humans on her block. I am in LOVE with this bird and have been spoiling her and she is spoiling me right back. She is soooo cuddly, and so sweet. Won't let me put her down. I sooo want to keep her, but.....

I know someone is missing her, a bird does not get to be this sweet without a lot of time and attention. Mom asked around the neighborhood, and we have been checking the classified ads - nothing so far. I know the right thing is to find her owner and give her back - they'll be happy to find her, she'll be happy to be in familiar surroundings with people who know her quirks, etc.

But I want her. In this day and age, isn't that what really matters, what I want?

Posted by Vox at May 25, 2005 02:25 PM | animals